SKIPtographer’s First Photography Exhibition

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The SKIPtographers showcased their photography at the Rosa Parks Museum located in Montgomery Alabama.  They were interviewed by a local television station, WSFA and news paper, The Advertiser.  SKIPtographers got a chance to share what they learned and explain what their pictures meant to them.  The following images were displayed during the photography exhibition.

The theme of this exhibition was “Prisons of Change”.   Why prison of change?  Children of prisoners live with the stigma of having a parent in jail.   Some children face with various types of abuse, including mental, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, while others are confronted with drugs and violence.  The environment that most children of prisoners live in are impoverished communities.  One of the most important things SKIPtographers wanted to change is the poverty in their communities.  The images below illustrate SKIPtographers concerns.

The prison population has quadrupled over the past 20 years and the United States incarcerates its citizens almost six times more than any other industrialized country.  The incarceration boom is race-based.  High poverty is the result of mass incarceration in black communities.  One of the best ways to reduce poverty and recidivism is education.

The SKIPtographers plan to continue to address challenges in their communities via imagery and by participating in a program called Project Citizen.

More to come!


SKIPtographers visit the Montgomery Zoo

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The SKIPtographers visited the Montgomery Zoo last Saturday, July 14, 2012.  We spent most of the day there to give the opportunity to show off their skills with a camera.  Enjoy !

~ Copying big my sis ~

~ Leopard ~

~ Waterfall ~

~ Gloria-Jean, Mikalah, Nadiah

~ Tiger ~

~ Giraffe ~

~ Cheetah ~

~ Bald Eagle ~

~ snake ! ~

~ Flamingo ~

~ Looking at my pictures ~

The SKIPtographers and I had a blast at the zoo.  I look forward to spending more time with them.

SKIPtographer’s Youth Emporwerment Program

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SKIPtography offers a five week digital photography program for children of incarcerated parents, by using photography exploration combined with journaling to promote problem solving skills and self expression.

SKIPtography’s youth empowerment program is located in Montgomery, Alabama.  Literacy through photography can positively influence children and is dedicated to the value of each student’s education and success in life.  SKIPtography allows every student to have access to creative outlets that builds character and develops social and academic skills.   SKIPtography and journaling is also a therapeutic way to address challenges, improve writing, teaching the appreciation of beauty, family, community, improving self-esteem, responsibility, and alternative ways to manifest inner peace.

The Program

SKIPtographers, children of incarcerated parents, ages range from 13 to 17, including those who are under the supervision of the legal system due to neglect, abuse, and abandonment.   Each student is initially loaned a digital camera during the program.  Lessons are age appropriate.  SKIPtographers learn how to use a camera, how

CJ takes a picture.

photography can be used as a tool for self-expression, how to apply computer digital technology to enhance photographic images, how to frame pictures, and how to learn from photographs.

The photographer gives weekly assignments to challenge SKIPtographers to capture different areas of their life.   Each SKIPtographer keeps a journal to express their experiences of taking photographs, as well as content of their images.

Reviewing pictures

The photographer facilitates a group discussion of images taken by SKIPtographers.  The students are asked to express their feelings about selected photographs.  This prompts how SKIPtographers  view themselves, family, and their community.  They also compile their work in a digital format, learn to mat and frame their best work.  SKIPtographers will be introduced how to mat and frame their photographs.

Be a hero and change a life.  Sponsor a child in the Skiptography program and help them move from photo-journaling sessions to a photo exhibition by visiting  Individual sponsorship (Voice or Advocate for Skippers)  will ensure your name on the program and corporate sponsorship (Champion for Skippers) will ensure your company name displayed with a SKIPtographer’s artwork.

The exhibition will be at the Rosa Parks Museum located in Montgomery Alabama, Saturday, August 4, 2012 between 10 am and 1 pm.  The exhibit is open to the public.

Again, SKIPtography teaches students self-confidence, an outlet for self-expression, how to develop a small business that helps pay for school supplies and clothes by selling artwork.  SKIPtography also builds strong mentoring relationships.

Our goal is to expand SKIPtography to more locations each year.  If you know children who would benefit from this program, please contact Zenobia Morant at (334) 369-4141 or (770) 342-9276.  Email her at

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